About Me

Originally from Prince Edward Island Canada, I now call Montreal my home, with my wife Angie.

A bit of history

It’s May 1998, the peak of the “dot com” days, and rather than pursuing a corporate career, following my business management & finance studies, I wrote a business plan for an idea I had, read a few books on Web programming, got some financing and started the development of a new Internet business.

After the market went bust, in 2000, I sold what was left of the company, moved to Montreal and began freelancing as a digital consultant. Over the following years, I had the opportunity to work with many national and international corporate clients from various sectors and held a few full-time positions with some of Montreal’s the top agencies, such as @SidLee and @Cloudraker.

What I do now

Back in September 2007, following two years with a vibrant Montreal web agency, I decided to return to my entrepreneurial roots. Along with managing and developing a few business and investment projects, I’m currently consulting independently, as a Senior Web & Mobile Consultant.

The reason for returning to the independent consulting arena sprouts from my passion for creative new business ideas, digital marketing, digital innovations, and opportunistic entrepreneurship. I’m also quite interested in Social Media, Crowdsourcing, mobile applications and the application of these theories and principles to traditional business environments.

My expertises

  • Business Analyst 98%

  • Product Design & Management 92%

  • Project Management 95%

  • Account Management 90%

  • Web Technologies 95%

  • Digital Strategy 85%

  • Business Acumen 95%

  • Mobile & Social Media 90%